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Application of Remote Control

HuaYun remote control manufacturer to 15 years in the field of remote control, We base on TV, STB, video traditional home appliance remote control, And from the needs of the development of the people's life constantly innovation of intelligent remote control products, Commitment to current mainstream smart TV, smart STB offer: interactive system, touch and voice application of intelligent voice remote control, smart air mouse, the APP Bluetooth remote control.


We Hua Yun is a remote control manufacturer with 15 years of experience, there are more than one thousand sets of molds, involving different fields of remote control. Generally we often do the remote control are: TV remote control, set-top box remote control, sound remote control, air conditioning remote control, smart home remote control, other projector remote control, lighting remote control, fan remote control and so on, according to customer needs, we can provide design and development to production services.


The above is the introduction of the remote control application, if you want to know more, you can see our other pages or contact us directly.