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Hua Yun 14 key Wireless Air Conditioner Remote Control HY-093

Short Description:

Air conditioning remote controller is a device used for remote control of air conditioning, it is mainly composed of integrated circuit board and buttons used to generate different messages. The remote control is mainly composed of a microprocessor chip that forms the remote control signal, a crystal oscillator, an amplification transistor, an infrared light-emitting diode and a keyboard matrix.

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Our HY-093 Wirelessair conditioning remote control with infrared remote control, mainly used in air conditioning. Its size is 134*54*19mm, and the concave and convex design on the back is very suitable for the way you hold the remote control, making it comfortable and convenient to hold. This remote control has up to 14 buttons, the battery is 2*AAA ordinary battery, many stores also have, easy to change. Our remote control is made of ABS, plastic and silicone.


Dongguan Huayun Industry Co., Ltd. is a remote control manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, with strong R & D, design and production capacity, we can customize air conditioning remote control according to customer needs.



1. Simple shape design, complete functions, more comfortable to hold.
2. The air conditioner remote control button is sensitive and durable.
3. The battery adopts ordinary battery, which is easy to replace.
4. Screen printing, infrared function, the number of buttons can be customized.
5. The application can also be customized, and it can be applied to other products through scheme design.



Our universal air conditioning remote control can be used on air conditioning products. According to the different needs of customers, we can design solutions, applied to fans, heating fans or smart home products.



Product name

universal air conditioning remote control

Model number



14 key





Battery Type



ABS,Plastic And Silicone


Air conditioning, smart homes, fans


PE or Customer Customization


1. Is Huayun a factory?
Yes, Huayun is a factory, production and sales company, located in Dongguan, China. We provide OEM/ODM services.

2. What can the product change?
Color, key number, function, LOGO, printing.

3. About the sample.
After the price is confirmed, you can ask for sample inspection.
The new sample will be completed within 7 days.
Customers can customize the products.

4. What should the customer do if the product breaks down?
If the product is damaged during transportation, please contact us and our sales staff will send you a new product as a replacement for the damaged product.

5. What kind of logistics will be adopted?
Usually express and sea freight. According to the region and customer needs.

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